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Writer's Block: It’s the end of the world as we know it  
08:06pm 06/08/2011
If you had the option to learn the exact moment and details of your death, would you choose to know?

No, I'd rather not. I leave it all to my creator. 
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I'm back!  
07:56pm 06/08/2011
 Wow, it has been years since I have written something here. Never thought this will become very useful for me again, to write my sentiments--my life in general. How are the people here? My friends, how are you? I miss reading your blogs. 

Well, just a quick update. I am now a Registered Nurse. Though currently I am still not practicing my profession, but looking forward to it. Right now, I am looking for a new job. BPO Industry is usually the easiest job to penetrate. I have been to a lot now. But I still have not been able to save money for my future use. Well, I have realized that I will start doing it now. hehehe.

Well, I guess this will all be for now. Looking forward to write more blogs here. Be adding this in my bookmarks. Take care y'all.
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NURSING 101: Exposed  
12:40pm 14/07/2005
its just a month and a week since school started. and i still havent internalized how nursing students perform their study habits. its just that, i was being used to a laxed study habit from my former course. anyways, be having my orals in awhile now, so see yah later peeps! and remember, I love y'all!
mood: crushedcrushed
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05:42pm 28/05/2004

Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

need not explain it, for those who know me, it does depict my personality, right?
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i bid sykes farewell  
09:46am 20/05/2004

well i guess we've gone through a lot. and i know i will surely miss your company. it may be sad in my part, but i need to pursue my opportunity. but im sure we are going to cross our paths these coming days.

to the people who were my colleagues during the softskills, i want to thank you for givng me the chance to know you guys, and to enjoy the company that you offered. from the singing session in metropolis, to the hectic outing in toledo. those memories are truly meant to be treasured. sharky, gina, kent, al, ryan(my seatmate before the arrangement), analia(my other seatmate), venus(my new seatmate after the arrangement), danny, king, arlene, april, mars, mel, sharon, cannie, maritel, franco, and to the four palm guys. oh, and to my lovely trainers, karla and kiss, i want to thank YOU for the time and for both, the lousy and intelligent conversations we had. we had fun during the softskills, right? m sure gonna miss that~

to the people who were with me during the product training; during that time, we were really into adrenalin rush. we shared notes, we shared answers, we even gave comfort and confidence to each other. and that was a good thing to know, considering that we came from different backgrounds and environments. rio, rose, mabs, maritel, cindy, jackie, king, danny, cannie, sharon, christian, rhea, allen, and dennis, and to our ever-supporting trainers: andy, bernz, and most of all, nikko! y'all rock! thank you, thank you so much for the great help you rendered. it really paved my way to be in this industry. thanks~

to the peeps who i got acquainted during the transition; thank you for letting me know you. it made me say that i really am blessed. palpal, katie kinkito, wanda, chris, tanya our teamlead during transition, jaime, roz, rina, jen, and the rest of you guys, you know who you are~ thank you so, so much for sharing with me your god-given gifts and talents, in this industry. that was of great help.

to the wave 9 peeps; pat(the billiard menace), basty(the mooon guy), mytz(the talkative and friendly dial gal), lovette(who i already used to know), sunshine(the die-hard team lead), thank you for the time and the hang outs...especially the billiard sessions...kinda miss those sessions wid yah!

lastly, to my team: Virgins of Eden; what can i say, you are the best! couldnt ask for any other team aside from you guys. we really have gone through a lot of trials. from the inevitable changes of the scripts, to the team standings on the floor. we really did the best as new agents during those times. not to mention the unforgettable journey that we made to olanggo. remember that? hehehe. wayne and marj(our daily topnotchers), gina(my first seat-, chat-, cheat-mate), kent(the seeker of my bloopers, oh, and also gina...hehehe), venus(the bearer of candies), cathie(the temptress...hehehe), bernard(the patronizer), cannie, jen, vince(my dial-turned colleagues), sharky(the natural english speaker), mae(the promoter of the name of the team), glenda, arlene, and ryan(my short-time teammates), cindy(my new seat-, chat-, cheat-, and now, release-mate...LOL), gwen and mary ann(my shorter-time teammates), nathan(the accent guy), lyra(my annoying, yet best POSE-scorer mentor), and last but not the least, almira(the holder of truth, the bearer of my status, and, longest-patient Team Lead)...whew! that was hard to define...to all of you guys, my hails to you. you were magnificent to be with. couldnt ask for more, not even pepsi. I love you guys, and you surely are gonna be missed.

kapoi na iningglis...unya, kita kita nalang nya tah ha?! kabalo ko di man ta mga buta bah. basta kung magkabangga tag agianan, ayaw tawon ko isalikway ha?

keep it going to all you guys. KUDOS to y'all!!!

with best regards,

mark tito m. arias
Accenture DSL
-technical support engineer-
email: mtarias@yahoo.com
cellphone: +63-916-534-3533
mood: exhaustedexhausted
music: goodbye
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wala lang...  
06:59pm 27/04/2004
Your Go at Becoming the American Idol! by arkadyfolkner
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04:45pm 09/04/2004
oh well, we can never really tell what comes into our lives. you see, when i woke up today, i received a text message coming from my eldest sister, telling me that my other sister has already given birth to a healthy baby boy. actually she already had it named "Marc Andrew" since me and her husband has similar features. and well, i declare this day, as my first day as a certified uncle! darn~ im getting old. hope i could touch my nephew with my own two hands. but my sis is scheduled to come back next year so i wont be able to see my lit'l nephew until he'll reach his 1st birthday. oh well, i guess it wouldnt matter.

when i asked my mom how it feels like to be officially a grandma, she was just complacent about it. but i know, she was really very, very happy. i can see it in her eyes that somehow, she has the feeling of excitement and accomplished. accomplished because she was able to raise us 5 siblings well. with the struggle that she has been through, finally she reached into this point where we need not worry much on financial matters, unlike before.

so to you Marc Andrew, welcome to this world!!! i cant wait to meet you!!!

mood: excitedexcited
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04:06pm 31/03/2004
its 3:53 in the afternoon right now, and im sitting here in my workstation, waiting for a call to come in. usually, we dont get much calls at this time. but if youre lucky, you will get one. hehehe. oh well, i guess i dont have anything to do right now so, i decided to put a new entry in here, and hopefully my OT will be finished by 4, coz i need to go to ayala for some matters. important matters. oops...bilis ng oras, i only have 5 minutes left before ill log out of the callmaster and HRIS as well. though i had a regret coz i didnt start in the morning taking calls. so i only have 4hours OT. pero its ok, its just that i badly needed the money to buy my desired phone, and hopefully i can have a grip on it before classes start. right now i only have a tiny savings, coz i spent most of my salary, and i dunno where i spent it. weird, huh? but, its happ'nin' right now, so i guess i need to double-time this time. sad to say, im still one-eighth of the desired amount for me to get hold of the mobile. but, im crossing my fingers and hopefully, i can achieve it. well, actually, my sis decided to send her husband's mobile, its a motorola v400, and i really dunno how it feels if i have the actual phone, but once i get a grasp on it, then that would be the time for me to tell if its a good phone or not(for me). ok, just give me the right to brag ok? coz this phone is not yet here yet...so, here it is...take a closer look

mood: excitedexcited
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beat me nga...  
08:29pm 22/02/2004



Battle Rating

koi was purchased at a national chain Pet Super-Store

Can your fishy beat koi ?
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04:47pm 22/02/2004
as in, i dont have time to login this journal of mine. its a good thing i have this time. well actually my shift has ended and i stayed here for a while to surf the net for free. neways, i went into this quiz. actually i dont have any idea why i took it. maybe i just wanted to unwind a lit'l bit... so here is the result

What Breed of Dog Are You?

koi, you're a Bernese Mountain Dog!

No bones about it, you're a good-hearted, people-loving Bernese Mountain Dog. Down-to-earth and loyal, no one works or plays harder than you do. You put your nose to the grindstone when it really counts, but you never neglect your social calendar.

oh well, i guess it somehow coincide with my personality. =)
mood: complacentcomplacent
music: sean paul's "Get Busy"
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